What is this site all about?

This site is trying to explore how 2 ideas might shape a CS education.

If a CS program was to teach both general and specialized knowledge, and was to take full advantage of the resources available, what would it look like?

1957 Speech at MIT on the future of education

Ideas on the Meta-University

2006 Speech at MIT on the future of education

Ideas on the Meta-University

Questions that need answers

Why is humanities necessary?

The Humanities helps a person avoid tunnel vision and group think. Certainly Humanities isnt the only way a person avoids these things, but being exposed to the history of human experience gives a person a wider lens they would not otherwise have through personal experience alone. The broader ones understanding of the human experience is, the better they are able to design products and services for others. Click on this card for a short article on the subject

(Devils Advocate: Is this really true? Is humanities the only way to attain these things?)

The St John's Humanities program is a 4 year program. Is it really necessary for CS students to spend 4 years in Humanities before doing any computer science?

St John's is just an example of a really good Humanities program. How that practically fits into a CS program has not yet been worked out.

Why use MIT Open Course Ware, cant the program teach general topics themselves?

Its a question of where we should be spending our energy and effort. MIT is a very good school. Replicating what they have built isnt trivial, and thankfully, unnecessary since MIT gives everyone free access to view their courses. Creating a course MIT has already built is undifferentiated heavy lifting. Instead, we want to focus our energies on things that no one else is doing.

Why do we need micro courses?

Many of the jobs in tech are asking for people to know a combination of tools and frameworks unique to the company. Often these skills expire quickly and are replaced with tools and frameworks with similarly short life spans. For this reason, students need micro courses to learn specific, soon to expire, but very hirable skills.

Why do we need to take anything other than micro courses?

Micro courses are about learning skills for the short term. They may not help you navigate your career once your intial skill set has expired.